Welcome to kroodsma.com, where I share data visualizations that tell stories, mostly about environmental issues.

I have worked as a climate researcher, advocate, journalist, and consultant. I started making online visualizations in 2011 when I worked as a data journalist for Climate Central, a small non-profit that communicates climate science to the public. Since then I have continued to work on data analysis and visualization, developing skills with Python, MySQL, and JavaScript.

In addition to telling stories with data, my passion is communicating global environmental issues, and especially climate science, to the public. To read more about my work on climate change, visit my other website, rideforclimate.com, or my blogger page on the Huffington Post. I recently published a book about a bicycle trip I took from California to Argentina, and how climate change is affecting the people I met along the way.

You can contact me at David at Kroodsma.com, or follow me on twitter.com/davidkroodsma.