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I’m now working for SkyTruth on an exciting environmental “Big Data” project, Global Fishing Watch. Just last week, a number of my colleagues published a paper in Science, which you can read about in this blog post I wrote. The … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Global Economy: Is the South Doomed?

This week negotiators are wrapping up the most important U.N. climate meeting since Copenhagen. In the lead-up to these meetings, almost every country on earth submitted a plan for how they will reduce their emissions. These pledges, while better than … Continue reading

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All The World’s Power Plants

When traveling across China by bicycle, I was amazed by how we seemed to pass a new power plant almost every day. I found myself wanting a map of where the power plants were in the country. Are they everywhere, … Continue reading

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Interactive Map of Ride for Climate Asia

On Lindsey’s and my recent journey across Asia, I was sure to record every day on our Garmin GPS. This not only helped me get a few “King of the Mountains” on Strava, but more importantly, it allowed us to … Continue reading

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All the World’s Reservoirs

Here’s a little project I’ve been working on: All of the world’s reservoirs, as seen by the GRanD database. I think it still needs a few tweaks — let me know if anything looks off. Reservoir capacity is proportional to … Continue reading

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Fun with Python and Basemap

I recently re-edited my film Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe to submit to the Banff Film Festival (yes, a reach, but why not?). I had to alter the film because the old version uses Google Earth to show our … Continue reading

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More Coal?

This following graphic comes courtesy of WRI, which shows where new coal power plants have been proposed. According to a new report by WRI, there are 1,199 planned around the globe, more than half of which will be built in … Continue reading

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A Tour of Pakistan’s Water Dilemna

To help tell the story of Pakistan’s dilema of both too much and too little water, I made this video last week using Google Earth, iShowU HD, and Final Cut Pro. To highlight the countries in Google Earth, I used … Continue reading

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Science Writers 2011 Attendees

This past weekend, I attended the Science Writers 2011 annual meeting, which was held in Flagstaff, Arizona this year. I led the do-it-yourself data visualization workshop, where I showed people how to make a google map with markers displaying where … Continue reading

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How to make Google Markers Appear and Disappear (for NASW workshop)

In this post I’m gong to give you the code to make markers on a Google Map, and then make these markers appear and disappear. The key is that you don’t need to know how the entire code works — … Continue reading

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