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Eastern Europe Bike Trip in Google Earth

I recently combined all of the GPS files from our ~1000-mile 26-day bike trip this past summer and uploaded them into Google Earth. The result is a path that you can “fly over” and follow. Google Earth also allowed me … Continue reading

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U.S. State Populations with Circles

This weekend I taught myself how to use this javascript library MooCirclePack, which allows one to tightly arrange circles of various radii (yes, it was an exciting weekend). Below are the U.S. states, with the area of each circle proportional … Continue reading

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More Coal?

This following graphic comes courtesy of WRI, which shows where new coal power plants have been proposed. According to a new report by WRI, there are 1,199 planned around the globe, more than half of which will be built in … Continue reading

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Religion in America

A few weeks back I made the following map to show the religious population in each state, drawing on statistics from Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. The data is from 2008. A few things jump out at you: … Continue reading

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Data Journalism — A Guest Entry for the NGen Blog

The following is a blog entry I contributed to the Independent Sector’s NGen Blog on data and the non-profit sector.  Anyone poking around online newspapers has noticed a proliferation of info-graphics and maps. If these graphics are done well, they … Continue reading

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A Tour of Pakistan’s Water Dilemna

To help tell the story of Pakistan’s dilema of both too much and too little water, I made this video last week using Google Earth, iShowU HD, and Final Cut Pro. To highlight the countries in Google Earth, I used … Continue reading

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The Life of del Fuego

Recently, while biking my Bruce Gordon Rock ‘n’ Road Tour-Ex uphill in San Francisco, my handlebars snapped just below the right break lever. The aluminum had fatigued from the months of my leaning on it and the other abuse — … Continue reading

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Brilliant Info-graphic on Money

The comic xkcd has just produced another brilliant info-graphic. Click on the image below to compare the costs / incomes / profits / GDPs of things, people, corporations, and countries. You can buy a poster of this image here.

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Happy Halloween

Source: Grant Snider

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Science Writers 2011 Attendees

This past weekend, I attended the Science Writers 2011 annual meeting, which was held in Flagstaff, Arizona this year. I led the do-it-yourself data visualization workshop, where I showed people how to make a google map with markers displaying where … Continue reading

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