Where My Friends Have Traveled

A few months ago, we had a housewarming party and about 30 guests, mostly people roughly my age living in San Francisco, attended. I put a map of the world on the wall, and we asked people to mark each country that they had visited. I then entered the data into excel and used Google Charts Tools Geomap to make the following map of where people I know, who showed up to a party in San Francisco, have traveled.

I think it is absolutely fascinating that not one of the 30 partygoers had been to many places in central Africa, most of the Middle East, or a string of Eastern European countries stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Also, it’s interesting that only one person at the party has visited Russia, and that my friends were just as likely to have visited France and the UK as they were to have visited Mexico.

There’s a lot to say here. I will be revisiting this map.

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